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The final documents from the NanoCode Project are now available online. These comprise:

- NanoCode’s recommendations to the European Commission on the key issues and way forward with the EC code of conduct (EC CoC) for responsible nanotechnologies research (the MasterPlan)
- the finalised CodeMeter electronic self-assessment and learning tool based on the EC CoC’s principles and values;
- a report on the concepts, objectives and application of the CodeMeter, including (annex) additional information on the criteria incorporated into the CodeMeter
-  The Project Newsletters, summarising all activities of the project, including the last step of Nanocode:the final national conferences held in the 11 partners’ countries.

In its 2 years of activity, the project supported, through a detailed analysis, wide stakeholders’ consultation and a number of dissemination actions:

• Increasing of knowledge about the Code of Conduct to the wide community of nanotechnology and emerging technologies stakeholders
• Gathering of a number of precise inputs and recommendations for the further articulation, implementation and extension of the Code of Conduct, at national, EU level and international level.
• Raising awareness on the Code of Conduct and toward a responsible research and innovation of emerging technologies in general.

It is envisaged that final outcomes of the project will be a rich resource for all parties involved in
both nanotechnology research and in responsible innovation in general, and will provide a firm basis for ongoing initiatives and discussions on these topics.

Brussels Town Hall

Promoting Responsible Innovation: The Future of the European Code of Conduct for Nanotechnologies

29th September 2011 - Brussels

A complete set of videos of the presentations and discussion from this workshop are now available for NanoCode registered users. To view the videos click here or navigate via the 'Videos' button in the Users Menu (both options only available when logged in). If you are not currently a member and wish to view the videos, please register here.


The NanoCode MasterPlan and CodeMeter are now available to registered users of the website. We are currently inviting feedback on both documents. Please visit the Draft Documents section of the website to view the documents.

Non-registered users can sign up here in order to view the documents.

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